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Be the Writer Producer Actor and Director in your own Movie

Be the Writer Producer Actor and Director in your Own Movie
Michael Douglas Carlin 10.AUG.08

Be the writer, producer, actor and director in your own life

10:57 AM PDT, August 9, 2008

I grew up in the movie business. Every element that can be controlled pretty much is. Sometimes the weather cooperates and sometimes it doesn’t. But always the show must go on. The Writer conceives of the story, the Producer handles the finances, the Director calls the shots and the Actor takes direction. There are many other minor positions on the movie…all of them important to the overall quality of the finished product. Life imitates art and art imitates life.

In life and movies we have atmosphere - people that blend into the scenery – Extras. They have almost no responsibility or authority but they provide a necessary function. The responsibility and authority grow with every promotion from Extra to Grip to Art Director all the way to the highest point, that of the Director.

Many people in America are the Writer, Producer, Director and Actor in their own story. This is the pinnacle of personal responsibility in America. Capitalism functions with a high degree of personal responsibility. Installing capitalism in a place where people are not comfortable taking responsibility doesn’t make much sense anymore than having an extra direct a movie. Not that an extra might not have some real talent and the ability to direct. Given time and training an extra can rise to become the Writer, Producer, Actor and Director of their own movie.

Not everyone is ready or able to become master of their own personal movie. Some require a Writer to dream up the plot. Some require a Producer to handle the finances. Some require direction. Some are not even that well equipped to be the Actor. But every human alive has a story. Everyone of them is worthy of being lived. And each of them has the right to progress through the ranks to become their own personal master.

Some try to force personal responsibility and authority on to people that have no ability or knowledge to care for themselves. They must first be educated and then accept personal responsibility. It is easy to play the victim when you don’t know any better. Educated people make better decisions. They write better scripts and they live better movies.

Getting extras to become fully fledged members of capitalism takes an investment from the community. They need all of the basics from the Prescription For Peace. In the inner cities and third world that includes personal safety. Children that are abused are poor candidates for functional families. They find dysfunctional families in the form of gangs. They spread their dysfunction to successive generations. The cycle must be broken. This is a great place for faith based organizations to intercede. They can help children receive education and an alternate family-like place to learn and grow.

The investment from the community in these members may resemble a brand of socialism. I actually believe that a layer of socialism can coexist with capitalism. Socialism provides extras with the ability to learn and grow into productive members of capitalism. Without this layer extras have no direction, no education and no ability to grow. With this layer there is a path toward full membership in writing, producing, acting, and directing each individual movie.

Mark Green was my father’s attorney. He was responsible for the vision that transformed my father’s company from a small “mom and pop” operation to a fully functioning company with middle management installed. As an attorney he decided that he needed drama instruction. He met one of the most influential drama instructors of the day and signed up for some personal instruction. After a brief moment or two of discussion she asked him to go outside knock on the door. He was unsure of the exercise but agreed to play along. He knocked, was asked in, and he entered the room a bit unsure. He was invited into the living room where he sat down. Now his instructor asked “say to yourself prior to entering ‘I am going in.’” This time outside he said to himself “I am going in.” He entered the room with confidence walked right over to his seat in the living room and took the seat. We all need to say to ourselves “I am going in.”



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