Friday, October 10, 2008


The first rule of economics is that resources are scarce. If you buy into this premise you have set the stage for the principles of supply and demand to function. When we artificially restrict supply we give business leaders power to profit over us. If we buy into one lie we give power to others to be able to manipulate us. We live in a world where resources are abundant and renewable. This concept of trillions of dollars backed by the full faith and credit of the United States of America is one of abundance. Put dollars into the banks and they will quit hording the dollars because they know they can get more. The credit freeze is due to the false assumption that banks can get no more dollars. The credit freeze is artificial. We are giving power to it by supporting it. If every American Bank was able to have access to the unlimited dollars they needed there would be no more credit freeze. American leadership needs to rise to this challenge and unfreeze the markets by restoring stability. We have limited ourselves. We have stopped thinking. The concept of full faith and credit is intangible. Let’s restate the currency as being backed by the Real Estate of America - The abundant land of our forefathers that we have fought for and bled for. Let’s restate the currency as being backed by the securities of the companies of America – The engine of capitalism. If currency was allowed to flow freely into assets again – regardless of credit scores – we would unfreeze the markets.

Resources, like currency, are renewable and abundant. Food is abundant, shelter is abundant, healthcare is abundant, education is abundant, and jobs are abundant. Let’s get back to living the dream.

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