Friday, March 28, 2014

We Have Our Resolve

Many of us might remember a period in our lives that we liked better than our current reality. These are moments to cherish and look back upon with fondness and reflection. Our present is the only thing that we can build upon to have a brighter tomorrow. What we have at our disposal is what we must use to build our future. Whatever resources we have today will create the fabric of tomorrow. In America today we have lost jobs, fortunes, homes, businesses, and so much more. What we have not lost is our resolve. We have not lost our determination. We have not lost our promise. America is built upon the notion that we can take our circumstances today and use them now to become so much more tomorrow. The basic building blocks in America that make the promise of America true in so many lives are alive and intact. We can employ the principals that make our Country great to rise above our realities today and change our circumstances and the circumstances of our families. Through small beginnings great things are brought to pass. Every movement begins with a single person, then another, then another, until the streets are filled with people demanding a change of some kind. That overwhelming voice breaks down walls and change sweeps through. Heartbeat USA doesn’t look back with longing to a period of time with nostalgia but rather looks around at the building blocks that are laying all around us to build a better today and prepare for a richer and more fulfilling tomorrow. Heartbeat examines a single community with an eye to help people help themselves become wealthier in the ways that count most – namely community. The naysayers, NIMBYs , attempt to thwart the movement at every turn.

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