Sunday, April 6, 2014

Investiture Into The Order of Humanity

by Michael Douglas Carlin


Throughout history, the ceremony of elevating mortals to receive the mantle of Knighthood has occurred in many places and under a myriad of circumstances. The place isn’t the important element that makes a Knight. Many of the Knights in our order were Knighted in churches or in the field. What is important is that the ceremony be sacred in order to maximize the meaning, with all participants noting that something important has happened and that life will never be the same. I personally like having this giving done (and a Knighting is a gift) in person hand to hand, eye to eye, and heart to heart, as all giving in our order is done. It is important to note that no fee should ever be charged for investiture into our order. That would be breaking with our philosophy of giving without expecting anything in return.

There is no dress code for Knightings. Dress appropriately for the venue. If the Knighting occurs in a church, synagogue, or mosque, then dress as you would for a regularly scheduled service.

Kneeling demonstrates the willingness of a prospective Knight to become vulnerable and accept the mantle of responsibility and authority in humility. In this prone position, the prospective Knight makes an oath to those who have come before and to those who will come after to execute the duties of Knighthood to the best of his or her abilities. Once the prospective Knight has taken the oath, the sword or other implement is used to tap the right shoulder, left shoulder and head, as the investiture ceremony is completed, at which point the newly Knighted is commanded to "Rise a Knight." There is a practical matter associated with Knighthood. Some people may not be able to physically kneel; they should kneel and rise metaphorically.


The postulant should read the following:

"I promise to protect the world and all of the vulnerable inhabitants. I promise to recognize nobility in others by their deeds and liveslife of service and to empower them by Knighting them into the rogue order of Knights of Malta, or Hospitallers, the order of Humanity. I also promise not to discriminate against anyone based upon race, religion, creed, gender, handicap, or sexual preference.

"I recognize that our order has power and influence only because of all of our collective good deeds, and I promise to work tirelessly to leave this world better than I found it. I also recognize that this gift of Knighthood is bestowed upon me without asking me for any recompense other than living a life of service.
"I promise that, when I give any gift, including bestowal of Knighthood, that it shall be done without expecting anything in return. On any humanitarian missions, I promise not to discuss politics or religion with any recipient and to never share my sacred oath with anyone who might trivialize it.

"I kneeled as a mortal, and I will rise accepting the mantle of Knighthood steeped in tradition and legacy that has lasted for over a thousand years."

The Knight performing the ceremony replies:

"With this sword, I Knight you honoring the gift you received with your first breath of life (taps candidate on the right shoulder with blade of the sword), the belief we all share, that a better world awaits (taps candidate on the left shoulder with the blade of the sword), and the acts of valor that you will perform wielding the mantle of Knighthood (taps candidate on the head with the blade of the sword). I now command you to rise a Knight.

"Pause for a moment and take in the transformation. As a Knight your life will never be the same."

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